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Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Celestial Energy of Melodic Power Metal

Here are the facts:

1. Four seconds of any DragonForce track is sufficient to raise the adrenaline in your blood to dangerous levels.

2. DragonForce are the sonic equivalent of Sgt Rock beating Razis to death with his ammo belts.

3. DragonForce are the distilled sound of every Jack Kirby fight scene ever. In fact, never mind Joe Satriani, it's actually DragonForce who empower the Silver Surfer in their alternate form as the Power Cosmic.

4. Their album, Sonic Firestorm, harnesses the very energies of the Creation of All, and as such I dare not listen to its follow-up Inhuman Rampage lest it rock me off the face of existence completely.


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