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Thursday, September 22, 2005

All of Human Life is Here

Canton is a neighbourhood of Cardiff, and is a lot like every other small town that's been absorbed by an expanding city. It's centred around a main road lined with shops. It's got a few laundrettes, grocers, butchers, pubs, chapels, a Tesco, the Cardiff Communication Worker's Union, a police station, some hardware shops, about a million cafes and coffee houses. I had a coffee and a muffin in one of them. I considered joining the Communication Workers Union. I considered joining the Police. I considered buying a tool, and sort of regret that I didn't.

You see, Canton also has a Kwik Fit. My car had ended up with freshly ground rear brake discs and had to be Seen To. The mechanic was helpful, friendly, and completely wrong in estimating that the service would only take an hour or so. I ended up on a day trip to a part of town that's about ten minutes walk from my flat.

There's a model/RPG shop called Dice & Disk on the main road that I never knew existed. For some reason, it sells a ton of comic book back issues from the early 90s. There's a sex shop called Lovecraft that may or may not have inspired the title of the Super Furry Animals' last album. It's got a product in the window called Joy Jelly that sounds like those wobbly sweets in plastic packets moulded after cartoon characters; I particularly remember the Ghostbuster ones. I doubt anything in Lovecraft has ever appeared free on the cover of the Beano, although we're in a whole new Century now so you never know. I know for a fact you can still get the jelly sweets in Woolworths, for Canton has one of them too. I went there and bought House of Flying Daggers for seven quid. Note it's more expensive on their website. I'm supposed to be cutting down on impulse buying, but fuck it, it was a long day and it was seven quid. It could have been worse. I almost walked with a Batman Begins Utility Belt and 3 in 1 Power Gauntlet.

I whiled away the hours in the library, which is situated on Library Street, which a wonderful name. I want to live on a Library Street. A little further on is Chapter, the contemporary arts centre. There was a woman outside with a posh camera taking a picture of a drain cover, which is how you tell how arty it is. I stopped there for a cup of tea (which was 50p) and a fruit tart (which was not).


Blogger jonni said...

Did you know the pathway outside the Communication Worker's Union (or is it the Transport & General Worker's Union) is in the shape of a hammer and sickle?

No, wait, it is the T&GWU... god I'm bored!

10:24 AM  
Blogger Hunter McEvoy said...

I didn't know that. But that is crazy awesome.

9:07 AM  

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